Born in Cardiff in 1976, I began to involve myself in live music at the age of 14. Since then, I have been the veteran of over 50 bands and ensembles, working in a huge variety of genres, ranging from pop to big-band jazz, to heavy rock, to folk, to choral, to orchestral and avant-garde, and performed in a number of venues, including St David’s Hall in Cardiff, and the Berg-Herzberg Festival in Germany.

I studied music at Dartington College of Arts, specialising in composition and studied under the tutelage of acclaimed composer, Frank Denyer. I graduated in 1998 with a BA hons degree.

Since then, I have been constantly busy, working as a composer, teacher, and as a performing musician.

I have been involved in the recording of a number of albums, including works by Rose Kemp, SJ Esau, Thighpaulsandra, and my own projects, which have included RARG, Smokehand, and The Wizards of Delight.

I am also an established composer for the theatre, with a long-running association with Darkstuff Productions.

Please have a look around this site. Listen to the tracks, watch the videos. Ask me any questions.


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