Theatre Projects

I have gained extensive experience as a composer of music and sound designer for theatre since 2001. I have worked with a number of theatre companies, including

Red Rope Theatre Company

Mid Powys Youth Theatre

New Writing Company

Max Theatre.

I am currently enjoying a long-lasting association with Darkstuff Productions, for whom I have composed soundtracks for 6 separate works.

Here is a list of some of theatrical productions for whom I have composed soundtracks for.

I have included samples from some of the soundtracks below.

March – May 2014                                       “Two Way Mirror” by Arthur Miller
Red Rope Theatre Company

Dir: Matt Grinter
Two Way Mirror is a piece by Arthur Miller comprising of two short plays. Red Rope Theatre produced it as their debut touring production. I composed a Tom Waits-esque piano ballad, which was used as a linking melody between the two plays.


December 2012/June 2013                       “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Darkstuff Productions

Adaptation by: Phil John & Simon Harvey-Williams

Dir: Matt Grinter
A production based on “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving. This was presented as a dark and gothic mystery for the Christmas season, and was performed at The Bierkeller Theatre in Bristol in December 2012, and then performed again at the Rondo Theatre in Bath, in June 2013. The soundtrack was a mixture of pre-recorded atmospheric textures utilising field recordings and atonal music, and a live bluegrass score which was performed by myself and members of the cast and crew. A successful production, it received excellent notices, with particular mention of the score.

Bristol Evening Post



I also wrote a blog entry on the creation of the soundtrack:

Darkstuff Productions

Score samples:

Music Box

Night Terror

The Woods


April 2012                   “Moby Dick

Darkstuff Productions

Adaptation by: Phil John & Simon Harvey-Williams

Dir: Anna Girvan

An extremely ambitious adaptation of Moby Dick, I composed a pre-recorded score and performed live onstage during the production for a three-week run at The Bierkeller Theatre. It received excellent reviews, and particular mention was made of the score.



Score samples:

Moby Dick Main Theme

The Endless Blue


December 2011                        “Scaramouche Jones
Sanart Theatre

Dir: Emel Yilmaz
I provided music and sound design for this one-man, time travelling play                     


December 2011                        “Scrooge at the Farm

Darkstuff Productions

Adaptation by: Phil John & Simon Harvey-Williams

Dir: Anna Girvan

This was a contemporary take on “A Christmas Carol”, performed outdoors as a promenade piece at Windmill Hill City Farm in Bedminster, Bristol. I wrote music and lyrics for three songs which were performed by the cast


August 2011                “Outside

Darkstuff Productions/Brewery Theatre

Adaptation by: Phil John & Simon Harvey-Williams

Dir: Emel Yilmaz

For this update of a previous production (see below) based on Camus’ The Outsider, I composed a soundtrack using elements of Dubstep, Arabic music and Ambient soundscape

Score samples:




August 2011                “Eddie King & the Death of Rave

Darkstuff Productions

Writ: Phil John/Various

Dir: Anna Girvan

I provided a soundtrack based on rave culture and dance music of the late 1980s/early 1990s
I also wrote a blog post for Darkstuff on the composition of the score:


July 2011                    “Forget Paris

Paper Sun Films

Prod: Jennifer Williams

Dir: Christopher Presswell

I composed a short instrumental jazz piece to be used within this film, which was displayed at the Cannes Film Festival 2012 and as part of
the Raindance Film Festival in London, October 2011


January 2011               “Touch

Max Theatre Company

Writ: Steve Lambert

Dir: Lloyd Robinson

I provided a mixture of electro-acoustioc soundscape, brutal urban hip-hop, and ambient piano to soundtrack this visceral and controversial play by acclaimed Bristol playwright, Steve Lambert.

Score sample:



Nov/Dec 2010              “The Underpass” 

Max Theatre Company

Writ: Lloyd Robinson

Dir: Nichola Ryan

I provided a soundtrack comprising a mixture of conventional music, dialogue and textural soundscape for this hard-hitting but intriguing and original work, performed at the Alma Theatre, Bristol.



Aug 2010                    “Eddie King’s Unforgettable Tour of the Forgotten

Darkstuff Productions/Edible Theatre Company

Writ: Phil John/Various

Dir: Matt Grinter

This was a pre-recorded score for a live performance of “Eddie King’s Unforgettable Tour of the Forgotten”; a play utilising various short vignettes, which was performed at The Tobacco Factory, Bristol, 2-5 August 2010.


Oct 2009 – Present        “Eddie King Radio Project

by Phil John/Stuart Chapman/Daniel Greensmith

Eddie King is an ongoing and ambitious project, created by Phil John, and devloped in collaboration with Stuart Chapman. I have recorded three radio episodes for Soundart Radio, based in Devon. This project has involved me in co-devising episodes, performing, composing music and soundscapes, creating Foley effects and radio production.

Sample episode: 02-eddie-king-swallows


July 2009        “Remedy”   

End of term performance by CIRCOMEDIA students

Circomedia Circus School

Writ: Phil John, with scenarios devised by the cast

Dir: Shanaz John

I provided three pieces of music for the end-of-year performance by graduating students at the internationally-regarded circus school, Circomedia, based in Bristol.


Dec 2002 – Jan 2003     “The Outsider

New Writing Company

Adaptation by: Phil John

Dir: Robin Belfield

I created a percussive, Arabic-flavoured soundtrack for one of Bristol’s most exciting theatre companies, in their adaptation of Camus’ classic novel

Score sample:



Nov 2002 – Jan 2003     “Under Milk Wood

Builth Wells Community Theatre

Dir: Jonathon Morgan

I was commissioned by the Builth Wells Community Theatre to write a complete live score and conduct a 16-piece ensemble for their production of Dylan Thomas’ “Under Milk Wood”.


Sept – Nov 2002     “The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui” 

Mid Powys Youth Theatre

Dir: Phil John

This was a pre-recorded score for this dynamic production of Brecht’s allegorical play, using the young musicians drawn from Mid Powys Youth Theatre working in a workshop-based setting, where I created an avant-garde soundscape using conventional instruments and ambient noises.

Score samples:




Sept – Nov 2001                       “Fuente Ovejuna” 

Mid Powys Youth Theatre

Dir: Phil John

A workshop-based score for Vega’s classic play about tyranny and rebellion, incorporating a pre-recorded score and a live ensemble using young musicians sourced from the ranks of MPYT membership.

Score samples:





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